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Our site wrote reviews for various applications.
Information about all programs is reliable, accurate and reliable.
First of all we write about software for Linux (including Ubuntu), iPad, iPod and iPhone.
Previously Linux was used mainly on servers and not on personal computers. But now more and more users use it on personal computers. This is due to the fact that the interface has become much more convenient and user can work without using the command line.
We focus on the Ubuntu, because at this time more than 20 millions PC running on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is most popular operating system on all Linux, and the third most popular operating system after Windows and Mac OS.
In App Store is a lot of software for iPad, iPod and iPhone. Among so many software hard to find the right program. So, we try to find interesting and useful programs, to tell people about them.


iPad, iPhone & iPod

Information about all programs proven and reliable!

If you can not find information about the program that you were looking for then you can email us about it. We will try as soon as possible to review the program, which you are interested.