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Looking for new, interesting and useful programs for Ubuntu (12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, etc.), Linux, iPod, iPhone or iPad? You'll find them here. All information in surveys verified and accurate! We do not advertise the program, and objectively evaluate and compare with those.

Here you can only find information on programs, and info how to install or where you can download it. You can find information about useful programs for training, work and leisure, as well as home and office. We only publish information on useful programs that may be of interest to our readers.

Here only useful programs for your computer!

Encmidara - a program for file encryption
Encmidara - easy reliable program to encrypt files in Ubuntu. This program allows you to keep youre files confidential and protected. Encmidara encrypts the file sequentially by seven different algorithms! It gives 100% guarantee that no one can break the encryption and gain unauthorized access to the file.

Unlike programs that perform encryption "on the fly", you will not lose files after reinstalling the operating system!

The interface is quite simple, there is nothing superfluous. So, it is very easy to use the program Encmidara.
Added: 19-08-2016 Views: 4798

Mathematics Teacher Pro
Mathematics Teacher Pro - a program the help to study children of preschool and school age, as well as for the training of adults. It helps to learn the adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying integers. The program is only available for Ubuntu. First of all, this program is useful for children who are beginning to learn arithmetic. It helps children to learn count orally.
Added: 17-08-2016 Views: 3942

Creating photo collages in FotoWall
FotoWall - it cross platform program for creating photo collages. It is very easy and convenient. To create a photo collage enough 5 minutes! Unlike other programs, FotoWall has only the most important functions. For most users, these features enough. However, if you want to create a photo collage with some complex effects, it is best to choose another program.

This program supports search for images in Flickr and Google.
Added: 13-08-2016 Views: 4800

BleachBit - program to clean Linux
BleachBit - is a free program to clean Linux. Mostly it is used to clean the system from unnecessary files. BleachBit can clean the SWAP and unoccupied memory (if you do not know what it is, it is better not to clean them). BleachBit will free space on your hard drive and improve performance of your Linux.
Added: 18-10-2013 Views: 3004

BitTorrent client Transmission
Transmission - is a free BitTorrent client for Linux and MacOS. Although this is one program, but it has three different versions. All these versions have different interfaces, but they have almost the same functionality.

Unlike other clients, Transmission uses not much system resources. It is designed in a minimalist style. This is a simple and convenient client for exchanging files with an intuitive interface.

Transmission is installed by default in: Debian (version 4.0+), Ubuntu (version 8.04+) and Fedora (version 9+).
Added: 23-04-2013 Views: 3302

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