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BitTorrent client Transmission

Transmission - is a free BitTorrent client for Linux and MacOS . Although this is one program, but it has three different versions. On MacOS version usually is used Transmission with Cocoa. Because of this, the window has native MacOS style. In Gnome and Unity most people use Transmission with Gtk interface. In KDE most people use Transmission with Qt interface. All these versions have different interfaces, but the functionality is almost the same. So, we consider only the Transmission interface with Gtk.
   Unlike other clients, Transmission uses not much system resources. It is designed in a minimalist style. This is a simple and convenient client for exchanging files with an intuitive interface.
   Transmission is installed by default in: Debian (version 4.0+), Ubuntu (version 8.04+) and Fedora (version 9+).


   At the top of window is a menu and toolbar underneath. Then there are drop-down lists, which define what is displayed in the workspace. For example, you can display only active, stopped or completed downloads. Below is a workspace. Underneath is the status bar, which shows downloading/uploading speed and has a button. If you click on this button will be opened menu where you can limit the maximum speed of download and upload.
   On the toolbar are only 5 buttons! The first button is used to open torrent-file. Next button starts downloading of selected file. After that there is a button that stops download of the selected file. Red button deletes selected file. The last button allows you to open the settings.

Jobs Transmission

   First you need to choose a torrent-file. This can be done button «Open» or via menu «File». If you have a link to the torrent-file, you can put it using the item «Open URL ...» in menu «File». The program will download the torrent-file and open it.
   In any case, will be opened a window. In this window you can select a folder to save the file, priority (high, medium or low), and specify whether you want to start downloading immediately after closing this window («Start when added»). The file will be added and will appear in the workspace after clicking on the button «Open».
   To delete file, you need to select it, open the context menu and select «Remove» or «Delete files and remove». If you choose first item then file will be deleted from the list. But, you choose second item then file will be deleted from the disk and after that it will be removed from the list.
   If you have multiple files and you want to limit the download/upload speed of one of them then you need to open context menu on file, choose Properties and on tab «Options» set up «Limit upload speed» or «Limit download speed». In the same window on the tab «Information» you can see various statistics.
   If you have many files and you are not convenient to view them, you can use the compact mode. You can enable it by choosing «Compact View» in menu «View».

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