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Mathematics Teacher Pro

Mathematics Teacher Pro - a program the help to study children of preschool and school age, as well as for the training of adults. It helps to learn the adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying integers. The program is only available for Ubuntu. First of all, this program is useful for children who are beginning to learn arithmetic. It helps children to learn count orally.
   Mathematics Teacher Pro - is a simple, convenient and flexible program.
   After starting the program you need to choose an operation or several operations, difficulty level and press the Start button. This opens the Test tab and the child sees the questions (eg, "2 + 3 =").
   Addition in Mathematics Teacher Pro
   Multiplication in Mathematics Teacher Pro
   The child just need to enter a response and press Enter or the Next button. After that the following question will appear. When a child will respond to all questions then he will see his rating of 100-point evaluation system.
   All answers are correct in Mathematics Teacher Pro
   If all the answers were correct then the child will see 100 points. If the answers to some questions were not correct then they will be displayed and for each question will be displayed the answer that was given to the question and the correct answer! This is very important because it allows children to analyze and understand their mistakes.
   Incorrect answers in Mathematics Teacher Pro
   Price - $2.99
   If you want to buy this program then open the Ubuntu Software Center and enter "Mathematics Teacher Pro" or download from the website:

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