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Encmidara - a program for file encryption

Encmidara - easy reliable program to encrypt files in Ubuntu. This program allows you to keep youre files confidential and protected.
   Encmidara - is reliable program to encrypt files in Ubuntu. Using this program allows you to maintain the privacy of files.

Why not use ZIP or RAR

   Many people use the ZIP or RAR for encryption and believe that their files are protected. However, they are wrong. In web you can find a lot of programs that will break the password of ZIP/RAR archive in few minutes or hours! Encryption methods used in ZIP and RAR outdated. Therefore, people choose alternative programs to protect their files.

Encmidara reliable than other programs or not

   Unlike programs that perform encryption "on the fly", you will not lose files after reinstalling the operating system!
   Most programs use only one method of encryption (for example, AES, Blowfish, Twofish, etc.). And software developers do not keep it in secret method that encrypts files.
   This greatly simplifies the process of hacking files.
   Encmidara encrypts the file sequentially seven different algorithms! It gives 100% guarantee that no one will break the encryption and gain unauthorized access to the file. One proof of this is the fact that currently in the web is no programs that allows to break encryption of file that was encrypted by Encmidara.


   The interface is quite simple, there is nothing superfluous. So, it is very easy to use the program Encmidara. The window has 3 tabs: encrypt, decrypt and about.


   To encrypt the file you need to open the tab «Encrypt».
   First at all select files which should be encrypted. Press on "Select files" (if you want to encrypt one or more files) or "Select folder" (if you want to encrypt all the files that are in the folder). Selected files will appear to the list. If you want to encrypt some other files then press one of these buttons and select them. If you selected unnecessary files then you can select and remove them from the list by button «Remove selected» or delete all files button «Clear».
   Then you need to select the destination folder. In this folder will be saved encrypted files. Press on «Select Folder» in the block "Save Encrypted files to" and select destination folder.
   Now, enter a password for encryption.
   Also, you can set the tooltip (hint). This hint will be displayed when you decrypt the file. It is used to remember the password.
   Now, you only can start encryption by the button "Encrypt".
   Please note that the program does not replace the file. If you select a file "/file1.xls" and want to save encrypted files to the folder "/", the file will not be encrypted.
   File encryption
   File encryption


   To decrypt files use a tab "Decrypt".
   The decryption process is completely analogous to encoding. So, you need to:

  • Select files you want to decrypt.

  • Select destination folder.

  • Enter your password.

   If you encrypted files with hint then it will be displayed against the file.
   File decryption
   File decryption
   The downside is the encryption/decryption speed of this app. It process only about 15-25 MB in 1 sec. So, if size of file is 500MB then encryption will take about 25 seconds.
   This is a new program, but many people have already appreciated its reliability.
   Price of Encmidara is $2.99
   You can buy it via Ubuntu Software Center or via site: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/encmidara/

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