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Fever - alternative Google Reader

Many people used the Google Reader, but Google has decided to close this project. Therefore, many people are looking for an alternative program/service.
   Fever - it's an interesting alternative program. But, it has significant differences.
   Fever can import OPML-files, so you can easily move their subscriptions to Google Reader.
   Price of this app is $30.
   This is server program. So, it must be installed on your server!
   If you do not have your own server then best way is to select an alternative program. For example, Feedly, BazQux, etc.
   This program will run on your server. So, unlike Google Reader, no one will read your subscribers and no one will show contextual advertising.
   This RSS-aggregator sort all the news by temperature. The more important news has higher temperature.
   On iPad, iPhone and iPod it is not convenient to read, because of the small size of the screen. So, you will need to use zoom often. This can be fixed by fever-iPadMode. Fever-iPadMode allows you to replace name of the channels list to the channel icons.

iPad, iPhone & iPod

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