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BleachBit - program to clean Linux

BleachBit - is a useful program for cleaning Linux. Primarily it is used for cleaning the system from unnecessary files. Mostly it is used to clean the system from unnecessary files. BleachBit can clean the SWAP and unoccupied memory (if you do not know what it is, it is better not to clean them).
   Cleaning the operating system will free space on your hard drive and improve performance of your Linux.
   BleachBit is your best choice if you want to clean Linux from:

  • temporary files (including browser cache);

  • logs;

  • configuration files that are not used;

  • bash history (list of the last commands that you entered in the terminal);

  • unnecessary localization. The localization files - these are files of languages.

   Unlike other programs, BleachBit shows a list of files to be deleted. This allows you to prevent deleting of files that you needed. Although, if you are a regular user (not a programmer or administrator) BleachBit will not remove any files that you needed!
   BleachBit can be installed on any Linux, including Ubuntu.
   If you are using Ubuntu then you can install BleachBit by the command:
   sudo apt-get install bleachbit

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